A Guide To Domain parking – DomainUI

What is Domain Parking?

Domain Parking is a way in which a person establishes an online presence through a domain to generate traffic and, in turn, money. It can also be a way of generating money while you’re waiting for your business to take off. This can bring in money for you plus a loyal customer base. So, how do you use it to make a profit? And what is the best strategy to make the most out of this investment?

Step One

Firstly, you need to generate a domain name. This can be anything that has to do with your business and what you’re providing to your users. Some domains can be generated if they do not already exist, and are generally cheaper to purchase from domain parking sites such as DomainUi. Others may need to be bought for a certain price, as they are already owned by some other business. If this guide is followed correctly though, you should make a massive profit on this cost.

Step Two

Next, you should tie this parked domain to a domain parking service. This will help you to solidify a customer base, as the domain parking service will bring traffic to your webpage. Depending on which domain parking site you choose to use, they will also advertise your business as much as possible when people use keywords that are linked to your business and may also set up a webpage for you if you’re choosing to use this as a starting point for a business.

Advertising is important for your business, especially when you’re first starting. The domain parking service you choose to use will advertise your domain based on keywords used, and each time a link to your website is clicked on, you generate money. The more clicks on your site, the more money you make. Some clicks are worth more than others, too, depending on which domain parking service you choose.

Step 3

To withdraw the money, domain parking services will usually allow you the choice of linking your PayPal, your bank account or getting the money through in a check. Whichever way you choose, just know you will be making money from this endeavour.

Extra Tips and Tricks to Domain Parking

Setting up a domain is as easy as that. But one thing to look out for is Google penalizing you for trying to build traffic to your domain. To get around this, establishing a couple of parked domains that you can rotate through is important.

Another trick is getting creative with misspelt domain names. The amount of people who search for popular browsing sites each day is astounding. The chances of someone accidentally misspelling that site’s name are high too. So, get creative with misspelling domain names. For example, you could set up your domain as “Google” as this is close to “Google” and would bring in a higher payback rate. However, do note that if you are choosing to go down this route, the company you’re trying to capitalize off may use legal actions to try and buy that domain name off you, as they would, in turn, be losing money. Some laws protect the rightful company to that name, so, in summary, as long as you’re not being too exploitative by using this route to establish a parked domain, you should be okay to go down this route.

Fresh and new domains are also a great way of establishing a domain. Purchasing a new domain is usually very affordable and you can quickly assess their potential under domain parking services like DomainUi. To find the right keywords for you, you can use sites such as SEMrush, which offers 10 keyword results a day for each user. You can use these keywords to invest in an industry you believe will someday take off. Just note, that this is a gamble, just like any investment.

Earn revenue through parked domains

Expired domains also work as a great way of making money. Unlike new domains that have never had time to draw organic traffic, expired domains have had years of traffic behind them before they became expired. Just track down recently expired domains. If you’re doing this for business purposes, look for ones that link with what you’re providing. These won’t necessarily be expensive to purchase, as this is just dead internet space that isn’t being used for anything, and so you can establish a presence on the internet that can bring you profit from the traffic you gather.

All three of these domain types are proven to be successful. However, if you build a collection of all three, then you will find the most success in this endeavor. People will always go back to websites they have previously used for certain things, but will also look for new websites too.


In just a few easy steps, you have now made money and established your business. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try out the easiest way of making passive income. Whether you have a job and just need some extra cash, or you’re looking to start your own business, parked domains are for you. With their high payout rates and low cost in start-up fees, there has never been a better time to start domain parking with us here at DomainUi.