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What are the benefits of domain parking?

Today we are going to look at the benefits of domain parking. But before we look at why you should start parking domains that you have that are not currently being utilised, let’s first quickly explore what domain parking is. As you may be doing it already without even being aware of it. If you think of a car being parked. It is there, but it’s not doing anything. That is the same with domain parking. It means that a domain name exists, but it isn’t currently being utilised. Instead, it is just sitting there doing nothing. And so if you have any domains that you own, that currently aren’t linked to a website, these are essentially parked domains. So when we talk about the benefits of having these domains parked, the first thing you’re probably thinking is what is there to gain from something that’s not doing anything?

Well, when it comes to domain parking, there are ways to earn money from your domain. Even if it isn’t linked to a website. And that’s through advertising through a domain parking service such as ours here at DomainUI. It means that we can run adverts using your website name and you earn a commission for every sale made. Parking a domain also means that you can advertise that the domain is registered but is also for sale if you’re looking to flip said domain for a profit. Parking a domain also means that you have secured that particular domain so it is ready for whenever your website is ready to be attached to it.

Generate passive income

As we have touched upon already if you sign up for our service here at DomainUI. You can earn passive income if you choose to run Amazon adverts on your domain. This means that you get a commission for each click and sale that is made through your domain. This also means that you are actively routing traffic through your website. And people are getting used to your domain name. It’s also useful for seeing how strong your domain name is and how much traffic it commands organically from search engines.

This laid-back, effortless scheme allows you as a domain owner to utilise and make the most of your domains with minimal effort. We have the infrastructure in place here at DomainUI that allows you to sign up, choose your domains tailor your landing page and choose the content for the adverts. We also ensure that smart advertising is in place which means that adverts are tailored to your domain. This, in turn, also maximises the chance of people clicking on your adverts.

How protecting brand identity is one of the main benefits of domain parking

As well as being able to earn passive income from your parked domains. Parked domains also serve another purpose, and that is to protect your brand identity. If you have a business, acquiring and securing domain names that are relevant to your brand or business can be hugely critical to your business’s success. The business landscape especially in the digital world is more fierce than ever before and there will always be vultures wanting to steal domains that are valuable to you either to demand a higher price or try to prevent your business’s growth.

There are also SEO or Search Engine Optimisation benefits when it comes to domain parking. If you have parked domains, you can utilise these in a way to redirect traffic through to your main website. If this is implemented correctly, it means that a lot more traffic than previously would have been is being redirected to your website. Essentially, think of these parked domains as acting like gateways to your main website. This then increases the amount of traffic you have going to your website.

Preparing for the future

When you park your domains, you’re reserving a bit of digital real estate. It means that you have a digital plot of land ready to be developed in the future when the time comes to attach a website to your domain. If you park your domain, whether it is being monetised or not, this means that your domain remains both active and relevant. And if you are using a domain parking service like ours here at DomainUI, it can generate revenue that may even offset or cover the costs that will be involved both with renewing the domain each year and the costs of any associated website development.

Having a parked domain also means that you can start to gain traffic through your website from people who are searching for linked keywords. This in turn not only drives traffic through your website but also expands your reach and brand recognition. Utilising our tool also means that you can bespoke the landing page that users will land on to make it more attractive to users.

Things to be wary of

When it comes to domain parking, there are things that you’re going to want to be aware of. Firstly, you need to choose a domain parking service provider who is credible. Take your time to do your homework and make sure they are who they say they are and that the proposition on offer is both realistic and credible.

You also want to make sure that the content on your parked domain is relevant. This minimises the chances of any visitors to your website being confused as to what they were expecting to see against what they ended up seeing. If you want to know more about our domain parking service get in touch today.