Unlocking your domains potential with DomainUI

Unlocking Your Domains Potential With DomainUI

A domain name is essentially a digital asset. Most people would assume that a website and a domain name are the same thing. And in most cases this assumption is reality. However, not necessarily true. For example, let’s say you have 10 domain names, and only one of them website. Most people would only see value in the one that is connected to the website. However, that is not true. Every domain has its value and can earn you money. And now again, you may think, well surely only if someone buys the domain off me? Maybe a business of whom the name of that particular domain compliments their operations and/or brand. But there is another way and that’s where we come in. Today we are going to focus on how you can unlock your domain’s potential with our domain parking service here at DomainUI.

Why choose DomainUI?

Here at DomainUI. We wanted to bring something new to the market. The domain parking space for years has been full of the same providers providing the same service to those who wanted to monetize their unused domains. Most of the time these propositions wouldn’t be fruitful financially to those who chose to take part in the schemes. And so we spent some time to understand what exactly the right recipe was to allow people to get the most money from their unused domains. And so we went back to the drawing board to bring an attractive realistic and simple service.

Traditionally when using a parked domain service, you wouldn’t have much input or influence on the content on the site. Instead, typically, the advert content would be determined by the provider. And you would sit back and (hopefully) receive some income. However, we changed the status quo on this. We allow you to choose your keywords, titles, content, headers and footers. Allowing you to tailor the landing page to how you want it to reflect your domain name and how you think it may best appeal to those who land on it. We also allow you to register multiple domains to our service depending on what package you choose.

Turning your domains into revenue-generators

There is no specific guarantee of how much commission you will earn. But a strong domain name relevant to your industry, sector, market or niche will help. The smart algorithm will also ensure that adverts relevant to your domain name are displayed. There are some domain parking services out there which will just display a random array of adverts. And if someone clicks on your domain expecting sports equipment, they could end up with adverts for toiletries. Hardly a recipe for success and minimises your chances of getting people to click on the adverts let alone end up purchasing something through the link.

Our starter package which is ideal if you are new to domain parking allows you to park up to 10 domains with us and allows you to bespoke your menus and footers. And don’t worry you don’t have to write the content. We have an AI generator that can write attractive and compelling content for you. We then have the ‘Standard’ package that is up to 30 domains. And finally, the ‘Go Pro’ package allows up to 100 domains. Each of these varies in their monthly cost but is competitive.

Discovering the potential in 3 simple steps

Here at DomainUI, we like to see the process of getting started with us and unlocking the potential of your domains as a three-step journey. Firstly you will need to sign up through our website and choose from one of the three packages on offer. Then submit the domains that you would like to use for our parking service. You can then set up your domains how you want. Either by displaying Amazon adverts relevant to your domain, or you can even park it and have your landing page with an enquiry form. This form can be used either for people to find out more about your domain or to discuss potential sales of the domain.

And as always, we can’t guarantee that your website will make money through our scheme. We do provide a very good platform to maximise your chances, however. If you have a strong domain name that commands and attracts a good level of traffic and has a strong relation to products, then you are sitting in a good position to be able to earn money through our innovative affiliate scheme. And of course, the more domains you have, the more chance you have. Putting your eggs in plenty of baskets is maximising your chances of getting more and more traffic through to your parked domain.

Turning dust into money and unlocking your domain potential

If you have unused domains, you have already undoubtedly had to spend an initial upfront amount and renewal fees to keep the domain under your ownership each year. And so you’re getting no money back from your investment into these domains if you’re just letting them sit there, not being utilised at all. And so if you aren’t yet ready to transform your domains into websites, you can still make income from your domains.

This may not only mean that your annual fees for these domains are covered but essentially means that they’re paying for themselves. You more than likely could also start to turn a healthy profit off them and start to build an audience that is loyal to your domain and a domain name that has a well-versed history when it comes to traffic throughput. So get in touch with us and unlock your domain’s potential today.