DomainUi – Amazon Parking

Amazon Store

Adding Domains

1: This is where you add your Amazon Stores.

1: Type in or paste your Amazon Stores here. PLEASE REMEMBER to put a , after each domain name and each domain name MUST BE on its one line. For Example:,,,

2: Select the Amazon option in the drop down then click on submit.

Editing your Amazon store

1: E – Edit your Amazon store.

2: D – Delete your Amazon store. Please note once you delete a store it is gone forever.

3: R – You can refresh your products on the domain name.

4: This is your domain status. You can still edit your Amazon store while it is in pending view.

Configuring Your Amazon Store

1: The submit button is used when you have configured the settings

2: You can delete all the products from your Amazon store.

3: Here is where you can see how many DUI (APi) Credits you have used/Remaining.

4: You can upload your own header image.

5: You can select if you would like a full width product view (4 in a row) or display content on the left hand side of the front page.

6: This is your domain name you are using (Do not change this)

7: By changing this before you refresh your products you can bring in 20, 50 or 100 products at a time.

8: You can enter your own meta description for your Amazon store.

9: You can enter you own meta keywords for your Amazon store.

10: This is the domain URL used for the system (Do Not Change This)

11: This is where you enter your Amazon store webspage title.

12: Select your Amazon region.

13: Enter your Amazon ID.

14: When you have added your Amazon Keyword (18) click the refresh products.

15: The Ai content help button uses your Amazon keyword to put content above your products.

16: Here you can put yout stores name as a logo (in text)