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Optimise Each Domain Name

Have your domain name up and running within 5 minutes.

Each Domain Name is configured separately so you can drill down the content and products to show on each page.

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Product View

Product & For Sale View

Effortlessly choose the specific Amazon region from which you want to retrieve products, including options like, .De, .FR, .CA, .Pl, and more.

By assigning unique Amazon Associate IDs to each domain name, you can monitor which domain name is generating product clicks and sales directly within your Amazon dashboard.

Utilizing your own keywords allows you to precisely match the Amazon products you wish to showcase on the page.

To enhance the performance of your domain in search engines, consider crafting customized meta descriptions and keywords.

Incorporating your custom content above or below the products can significantly improve the visibility of your domain name in search engines.

You now have the ability to modify Amazon product titles. Editing these product titles can provide benefits not only in terms of search engine optimization but also in enhancing the overall visual appeal of your website to visitors.

Develop dedicated product-focused pages enriched with relevant content.

Craft visually appealing and informative footers for each domain name to elevate the content for the purpose of improving search engine optimization.

Generate content pages for each domain name to assist your visitors in understanding the purpose of your website. These pages will be accessible through the footer menu.

Not sure what to write as content above the products? Don’t worry; you can rely on the AI Help tool to generate ideas for you.

Retrieve information about the keywords assigned to each domain name, the number of products displayed on each domain name, the associated Amazon ID and region, and additional details.

Discover which domains have products that are receiving clicks, and export comprehensive statistics and details.

Check out the products that have been successfully sold via your domain names.

Do you own multiple domain names? You can now import all your domains into the DomainUi dashboard.

All functionalities and screens can be easily accessed through a single, straightforward dashboard.

Don’t let your domains stand dormant, get them earning their reg fees back with Domain Ui