DomainUi Profile

Your Profile Area

The Profile area is where you can see all your details, package details and showcase domains.

1: Here are the top level categories of each of your profile settings.

2: Here is your name you would like to be displayed across DomainUi.

3: This would be the email addres you would like other DomainUi members to see/contact you at.

4: Here would be your username you would use to sign into your DomainUi dashboard.

5: You can add your website address you would like users to see when you display your contact details on the Amazon products page if you use the products and contact view.

6: Here is where you can add your phone number to be displayed on your product pages if you are using the Products and card view.

7: On your domain name landers if you opt in to show you contact us here would be the URL that is used.

8: On your main dashboard you can enable/disable certain tiles to be displayed.

Content and Marketplaces

1: If you have configured your domains to use the domain name landers you can enable the external domain name marketplaces below the contact form. Before enabling these make sure your domain names are listed and approved at the domain name marketplace you enabling these.

2: Any content you put in here will be displayed on your domain name lander under the content on the left of the page.

3: If you have google analytics or any other tracking code you can paste it here.

Your Plan Details

1: Displayed here will be the DomainUi plan you signed up into.

2: Here will be displayed how many APi credits you have used and are allowed to use when you are adding products onto your Amazon or eBay pages. Be aware 1 Amazon refresh or 1 eBay refresh is 1 credit used.

My Domains Showcase

1: Displayed here will be all the domain names you have enabled to be shown to other DomainUi users in the Domains Showcase.

Add Domains

1: Here is where you would add your domain names for approval. When you are pasting your domain names here make sure you have 1 domain name per line and you have a , after each domain as shown in the example.

2: Once you have added/pasted your domain names select what section you would like them to be added.

3: Once you have selected where your domains are to be added click on the submit button.

Please be aware all domain names are manually approved. This is to stop members adding false domain names to the system.

Message Centre

The message centre is where you will see any messages you recieve or send to other DomainUi users concerning domain names they have for sale or what you are selling.