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Everything You Need To Know About Rank And Rent

If you have domains under your ownership that you’re currently doing anything with. You may want to consider something called rank and rent. It’s an SEO technique that can help generate considerable revenue for you from these domains. Of course, as the latter infers, you are going to be renting the domain in the end. So you are still retaining ownership over the domain but instead are using it to bring in revenue. Today we are going to look at this model in a lot of detail. And hopefully, it may benefit and even help generate money for you from your domains.

So what is it? Well, it is a form of SEO where you build and rank a website for a local contractor. They will then rent the domain out to a local business that is after the traffic and leads that the domain generates. And so if you have a strong domain and website that drives considerable traffic, but you’re in no position to take advantage of the practical business proposition, you retain ownership but instead let the business receive all traffic and leads generated by the domain itself.

Should you consider implementing rank and rent?

If you have domains that organically drive traffic then you could become a good candidate for becoming one of these so-called ‘digital landlords’. The more traffic and more attractive a domain name you have, the higher chance you have of being able to successfully rent your domain out. This method is seen as ideal for those wanting to earn a passive income whilst at the same time retaining ultimate and full ownership of their domain. It also means that you build up the traffic and SEO on your website so if you wish to take ownership back at any point, you have a domain and website with strong SEO foundations.

The reason that these types of propositions and websites are so attractive to small businesses mainly comes down to finances. A lot of smaller businesses don’t have the time, resources, or infrastructure to invest in a decently optimised website. And so if they can acquire a website/domain that already has this traffic throughput that saves them having to invest in additional resources and find more time, they will do so.

How do I start this?

The easy part of this is getting the domain and setting up the website believe it or not. It’s the SEO part that is the most difficult. In this, we mean optimising your website so it ranks high in search engines. If it does not rank high, it is not going to be very attractive to any potential buyers. The higher it ranks, the more you command in rent value per month making it more profitable.

It also depends on just how competitive the niche you’re aiming for. If it’s a congested market, you are going to have to be more created and sophisticated than you might expect to separate yourself from the market. However, if you deliberately target niches that aren’t very crowded you do avoid this challenge altogether and it’ll make it much easier for you to rank your websites.

What are the benefits of this scheme?

If you are looking to rent a website, the benefits are that you save on having to invest in the infrastructure and resources, as well as investing the time to do the SEO yourself. SEO itself can be VERY time-intensive. And it is not very easy to learn at all. So you may need to also take into account the time to upskill before implementing this SEO. It also means you can hit the ground running and you have the proven traffic throughput there ready to take advantage of.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about rank and rent, or even discover other ways to monetise your domains, get in touch. Here at DomainUI, we are there to help you gain revenue from your untouched digital assets. As we look to expand our offering we want to help you earn passive income with the minimum amount of effort involved.