How Domain Parking Can Benefit Your Search Engine Optimisation

How Domain Parking Can Benefit Your Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is more commonly known is the science behind ranking your website on the major search engines. It’s a job that is never completed as the algorithms which determine what they are looking for is ever-changing. There are many different aspects to SEO which we will look at in more detail in another blog. But today we are going to take a look at how parking your domain can have benefits when it comes to your overall ranking on the major search engines. You may think straight away that having a domain that is just sitting there can’t possibly help with your overall SEO. but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Believe it or not, Google does in fact ‘crawl’ or look for parked domains. It has a separate detector which looks specifically for parked domains or domains that are inactive. Despite this if your device has no content, it is not presenting much, or any value to Google. So how can you gain SEO value from a website that presents no value to Google? Well, they key here is to add value yourself through meta keywords and descriptions. Something you can do using our parked domain service here at DomainUI.

The foundations of search engine optimisation

You also don’t necessarily need a website to enhance your search engine optimisation. You can quite quickly create a WordPress website and install a landing page and just create a site name, description and keywords. This then presents value to Google and will mean that you start to rise the rankings despite not having a fully functional website. You also need to create a sitemap and then submit it to Google and any other websites that you may want to rank on.

So what is the point of applying SEO to a website that isn’t yet created or live? Well, you are planning for the future. When you have parked your domain for future use, you need to let the search engines in advance know what your website is going to be all about. Essentially it is building the foundations of your website ready to help you rank higher when your website is eventually launched.

Things to be cautious of

When it comes to launching your parked domain, you may experience what is called ‘slow indexing’. This is because for months, or maybe even years, Google has detected your domain through its parked domain detector. Essentially it knows nothing else other than ‘this domain is parked’ and it presents no real significant value to it when it has been crawling it. So you need to be creating content to persuade Google that your domain is no longer parked.

You can prevent slow indexing by using parked domain services such as ours here at DomainUI to get your parked domain to present value either through having a landing page and things such as meta keywords that will help your overall Search Engine Optimisation or even to provide you with a way of earning passive income. By pointing your website towards our parking servers, it allows you to configure and create your bespoke content for your parked domain. This means that when Google is crawling your website, it will see value there.

The benefits of redirection

You can also utilise your parked domains in such a way that they redirect to your main website. This means that they are presenting some use to Google and also means that it is directing more traffic towards your main website. Having parked domains with names that are relevant to your main website can hugely increase and help your overall search engine optimisation. It is beneficial to do this as if Google detects your website as being parked, it will almost classify it as duplicate content and as such you will be punished by this in the rankings.

Should I be parking my domains to help my SEO?

Overall, we can summarise by saying that if you park your domains in the right way, they can certainly help your search engine optimisation. More so than just having them sit there with nothing to offer. Our services here at DomainUI do help you add value to your parked domains and parking your domain also establishes your site’s ages, a crucial factor when it comes to what search engines look for when choosing where to rank websites.

Although leaving your domain empty isn’t all bad. As we have mentioned already, if your domain is parked and offering nothing to Google, you can sometimes be punished for this in the rankings. However, if it is not parked, you are not going to run the risk of incurring these penalties. You do however lose out on the chance to boost your SEO as we have covered today.

If you want to know more about our domain parking service and how it can help grow your website and also help with your overall SEO, visit our website today to discover how you can start utilising your unused domain names and even start earning passive income from them whilst at the same time improving your SEO. There is nothing to lose out on and everything to gain so discover more about DomainUI today.