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Security Risks Associated With Parked Domains

Cybercriminals are more inventive and creative than they ever have been before. And this means all websites have the potential to face themselves coming under attack. Even those with robust firewalls and protection. However, parked domains on the whole don’t have any form of protection, and so they are classified as some of the most vulnerable types of websites out there. And so today we are going to take a look at the security risks associated with parked domains. So if you have parked domains yourself, you know what type of danger they are facing.

One of the main dangers is regarding redirection. This is probably one of the biggest threats that parked domains face. When we say redirection, we mean redirection to potentially unwanted or malicious landing pages from parked domains. Cybercriminals will usually keep their eye out for misspellings so that they can redirect traffic to sites that are malicious with convincing fake messages.

How can you mitigate these security risks?

There are a few different ways to reduce your chances of being targeted by cybercriminals if you have parked domains. Firstly you’re going to want to make sure, which should have been one of your considerations anyway, that you pick an experienced hosting provider. These usually have the security and IT infrastructure to keep criminals at bay and keep your parked domains safe from harm.

You’re also going to want to ensure that if you use a domain parking service, it isn’t promoting malicious advertisements. You’re going to want to go to a domain parking service provider that provides a fully legitimate way to earn passive income through marketing and advertising. If you choose the wrong provider you can find yourself promoting malicious advertisements that will increase your exposure to malware and scams.

How big is the threat of cyber attacks

Depending on the security infrastructure you have got protect your website, you could find your parked domains open and susceptible to attacks daily. And some attacks depending on the severity can be very costly for you to fix. Whereas if you have a domain parked with us here at DomainUI, it isn’t sitting dormant and unprotected, instead it is serving a purpose and is also protected by our parking servers which it will be pointing towards for you to then be able to create the bespoke content for your landing page.

Teaming up with ourselves here also means that you can improve your SEO, give your site a purpose and even earn yourself passive income should you want to include advertising on your unused domain. This is all in addition to being protected by our parking servers. It means that your domain is given a purpose and is not just sitting in the darkness of digital space gathering dust and also leaving it exposed to attacks. These are the main security risks that you can expect to come across quite commonly unfortunately if you have parked domains.

Being aware of parked domains

It is useful to know about these security risks even if you don’t own any parked domains. More often than not, if you misspell a website name, you may find that the website you’ve typed in is a parked domain, but sometimes cybercriminals will go to great lengths to make the parked domain look very similar to provide you with malware or get you to provide personal and financial information that the main original intended website may not have wanted to solicit from you.

And so you are firstly going to want to always make sure that you are spelling website names right. And if you suspect a website isn’t as clear-cut and legitimate as it seems, always check if you have visited the right website. These are tips for you to stay safe when browsing the internet and it is also highlighting the risks that parked domains can pose despite them seeming harmless at first.

Give your domain a purpose and protection

Teaming with ourselves here at DomainUI allows you to utilise your parked domain, giving it purpose and also giving it protection. Parking your domain in the right way also pleases this search engine’s algorithms and provides value to them. When you sign up to our services you have the option of either creating your landing page with bespoke content or allowing us to run Amazon adverts on your website that are linked or similar to your niche. Having these related to your brand and domain name also increases the chances and likelihood that people will click on adverts that they are presented with when they land on the website.

It is free to register and the costs per month of each of the packages vary depending upon how many domains you have that you want to park with us. You can sign up and get going in three easy steps and if you choose to advertise you will earn commission from clicks and sales that are made through your parked domain when people are clicking on the advert. We would heavily recommend parking your domains if you haven’t already. However, if you have any questions at all about the domain parking space and what it’s all about, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.