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The History Of Domain Parking

Domain parking believe it or not has been around for years. It’s only in recent years that the number of domains being registered has grown almost exponentially year on year. This is because more people are buying online, more businesses are setting up online, and we are becoming a society that is becoming ever more dependent on the digital world. To give you an idea of how many domains are out there, there are more than 1.1 BILLION registered domain names. And around 920 million+ of these are sitting there idle. And so domain parking services such as ours here at DomainUI have noticed there is a way to convince people who own these idle domains to utilise their domains whilst at the same time operating a successful business themselves.

Domain parking can also refer to just the ‘parking’ of a domain itself. Or the practice whereby you allow domain parking services to advertise using your domain and earn money through an affiliate scheme. These may also commonly be referred to as ‘monetised’ and ‘non-monetised’ forms of domain parking.

Is there an issue with parked domains?

When we look at the sheer number of parked domains. Is this a cause for concern? Well not quite. Most of these domains are being renewed each year, which means someone is actively paying a fee to have them continuously registered. So why do people pay for something to just leave it not used? And why has this been the case for so many years and seems to be a growing trend? Well, there is no particular reason. Some people may just like to ‘hoard’ domain names. Some may not yet be ready to be attached to a website.

Some may have been registered either to flip for a profit or to passively earn their income through schemes such as ours at DomainUI. Although the vast majority of the 920 million+ parked domains don’t redirect traffic anywhere. Instead, they may just return you an error message, or one that advertises that the domain is for sale. That’s where our proposition allows you to earn income from this traffic that otherwise would just bounce from the URL.

Looking to sell your domain?

Another part of the history of domain parking we are going to look at is people purchasing domains to sell for a profit. Our scheme here at DomainUI allows you instead of just showing adverts to have a landing page with an enquiry form. And the bespoke content that you can put on this landing page can make it appeal to any potential sellers. And some domain names can be VERY valuable. For example, the domain name was recently valued at $ 872 million. And so some people will buy domain names they know will be heavily sought after and sit on them until the right offer comes through the door.

A lot of the big domain providers such as Sedo and GoDaddy will also assist in helping you determine the value of your domain name. And can also help in selling your domain name, albeit for a middleman fee. The value for may be enough for someone to never want to work again, but most domain names will not net you anywhere near this amount, and the ones that would have already been scooped by those who were after them.

Are there security risks involved in the history of domain parking?

Of course, if a domain name isn’t connected to a website, it’s rightly assumed that it won’t have security features such as SSL forming a protective barrier around it. A big fear for a lot of people is having a website that is misspelt compared to one that is established. For example, you have which is a website for freelancers, but if you go ahead and register, someone who may want to launch a cyber attack on the original website may instead target yours in error.

How can I park my domain?

If you have domains that are otherwise just sitting on a digital shelf gathering dust and not being utilised. You can park them using our innovative domain parking service. We have different packages that are affordably priced and can cover you no matter how many different domains you have. It allows you to create bespoke content on a landing page and you can even create an enquiry form that can be filled in by those who land on the domain and may want to know more about it and its potential sale price.

You also have the option, if you have an Amazon affiliate account, to allow us to run adverts on your domain name. That may be linked to your domain name. This in turn will mean that anyone who clicks on the advert and subsequently makes a purchase through Amazon will mean that you will receive a commission for aiding in the sale. We also allow you to create the content and heading that you may feel complements your brand and domain name to help maximise the chances of selling the domain.

Want to know more?

It’s free to register with us here at DomainUI. We can answer any questions or alleviate any concerns you may have about our domain parking service. We pride ourselves on bringing innovation to the domain parking space and look forward to taking you on that journey with us.